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Do not ask why...

A strange tradition. This is what I like to read from Dec 25 to the 31st. Catastrophes, Nature vs. man, Beast vs. man, survival... Not including my Kindle Allien volumes, War of the Worlds, and Dead Silence by S.A Barnes. These are just the physical copies.

👉I wish some publisher had printed the movie 2012 with John Cusack as a novelization. I don't think it exists but if it does please let me know.

🦈Netflix just added Meg 1 and Meg 2 will be available Dec 29th, you can also watch them now on MAX. They are different from the book, both offer blockbuster action/adventure experiences. Jonas is more of a badass in the movies.

🦖Michael Chriton and Jurassic Park will always be my top number 1.

🧟‍♂️Forgot to add World War Z to my pile above. It was on my other shelf. Next year!

🍓This or That :

You are getting ready to...

Go out into the: jungle/city

To fight: Zombies/ Aliens

That look like: half-felines/ half-insects

Solution: humanity leaves Earth to them and escapes in spaceships/ humanity finds a way to defeat them (just say the way)



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