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Diary of an Accidental Witch

Fun Series:

5/5 Stars, a Great adventure for Halloween, although it's a series, we can read these as standalone.

From the publisher:

"It's time for the Halloween Ball, and Bea Black is on the planning committee. Will she be able to come up with ideas for the ball that impress--and continue to practice magic while keeping it all a secret from her dad and best friend? Bea Black is STILL at witch school, despite her best efforts to get her dad to move her to another school. And with the Halloween Ball on the horizon--only the biggest event of the school year--Bea is selected to be on the planning committee! Will she be able to come up with ideas for the ball that impress--and master her wand skills while still keeping her magic a secret from her dad? Features black-and-white illustrations throughout. Told through Bea's diary entries, the Diary of an Accidental Witch series invites readers to follow Bea on a humorous journey of self-discovery as she learns where she truly belongs."

My review:

This belongs to the Diary of an Accidental Witch which is an hilarious chapter book collection black and white illustrated with creativity and humor. It adds a lot of extra to the text and makes reading fun.

6th grader Bea is having a hard time I love that she is in a school of witches by accident and now it's time for Halloween, there are decorations and tasks to be completed. We get the diary entries as a countdown to the Halloween ball and her wish to be transferred to a non-witch school before Halloween. She thinks she has no friends and that all goes wrong. I love that she writes entries with words that she then corrects, making them funnier. It's a journey of acceptance, making friends, self-discovery, and finding a place to belong.

Sometimes things are not what they seem... like a frog Halloween costume.

I find this series motivating for those who are reluctant to read. The diary entries and the awesome design of the pages with the funny letters, announcements, news, and notes help.

Told in the first person.

Release Date: August 8th, 2023

Buy it on Amazon or B&N.

Publisher Spotlight, Tiger Tales

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