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Decorating a Postcard

In 2019 I started to exchange postcards with the world. It's marvelous.

Postcrossing was invented by a group of Portuguese in Tavira, Algarve a long time ago, and makes mail days, happy days.

When we join and press "send a postcard" the computer randomly selects a country and a person.

We get access to the bio of this person (usual wishlists of postcards) and we send it.

I try my best to give them what they want and make them happy.

Randomly someone will send me one in return. I wrote my bio too.

My only no-no is no spider postcards.

We never know if there's one postcard already on its way.

When the person receives the postcard, goes to the site and registers it so we know who sent it, how many days it took to arrive... and we take a photo of it to add it to the site's gallery.

Isn't it wonderful? The video shows how I decorate the back of my postcards.

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