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Declined Ones that I support

Here are some graphic novels I signed up to read, but was declined access. There are many reason one can be declined, I don't know which category I fell but I still want to suggest them to my readers and make sure to support them with a review when I can.

By the publisher:

Pub Date 13 Aug 2024

Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Finalist

A graphic novel chronicling the immediate aftermath and rippling effects of one of the most impactful days in modern history: September 11, 2001. From the Sibert Honor– and YALSA Award–winning creator behind The Unwanted and Drowned City.

The consequences of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, both political and personal, were vast, and continue to reverberate today. Don Brown brings his journalistic eye and attention to moving individual stories to help teens contextualize what they already know about the day, as well as broaden their understanding of the chain of events that occurred in the attack’s wake.

Profound, troubling, and deeply moving, In the Shadow of the Fallen Towers bears witness to our history—and the ways it shapes our future.

Read more books by Don Brown:

  • 83 Days in Mariupol: A War Diary

  • Run and Hide: How Jewish Youth Escaped the Holocaust

  • Fever Year: The Killer Flu of 1918

  • The Unwanted: Stories of the Syrian Refugees

Pub Date 11 Jun 2024


"An exciting teen coming-of-age epic from author Samuel Teer and debut graphic novel artist Mar Julia, Brownstone is a vivid, sweeping, ultimately hopeful story about navigating your heritage even when you feel like you don’t quite fit in.

Almudena has always wondered about the dad she never met.

Now, with her white mother headed on a once-in-a-lifetime trip without her, she’s left alone with her Guatemalan father for an entire summer. Xavier seems happy to see her, but he expects her to live in (and help fix up) his old, broken-down brownstone. And all along, she must navigate the language barrier of his rapid-fire Spanish—which she doesn’t speak.

As Almudena tries to adjust to this new reality, she gets to know the residents of Xavier’s Latin American neighborhood. Each member of the community has their own joys and heartbreaks as well as their own strong opinions on how this young Latina should talk, dress, and behave. Some can’t understand why she doesn’t know where she comes from. Others think she’s “not brown enough” to fit in.

But time is running out for Almudena and Xavier to get to know each other, and the key to their connection may ultimately lie in bringing all these different elements together. Fixing a broken building is one thing, but turning these stubborn individuals into a found family might take more than this one summer."

Pub Date 05 Dec 2023


" exciting literary triumph. Budding book lovers will want this one in their personal libraries, while the adults charged with reading it will never see their household appliances in the same way." —Shelf Awareness

A spinning, spewing, sudsing monster has trapped Mika’s stuffed frog friend! Join Mika on a charming journey of imagination and discovery in Polish award-winning creators Agata Loth-Ignaciuk and Berenika Kolomycka’s Mika and the Gurgler.

Meet Mika! Mika is a young explorer who faces familiar-yet-not-fully- known objects and obstacles around her house. Today’s newest challenge? The "gurgler" that spins, spews, whirrs, beeps, and even swallows things whole! But the gurgler isn't as scary as it appears. With the help of her friends, Mika is able to rescue her frog from the malicious machine and learn that not everything is as scary as they may seem. Perfect for the youngest comic readers, Mika and the Gurgler is sweet, simple, and charmingly playful!

Pub Date 20 Feb 2024


In the first book of AGENTS OF S.U.I.T., the new volume in John Green’s smash-hit INVESTIGATORS world, eager rookie agent Cilantro stepped into the spotlight—and rocketed into space! Now it’s time for the B-Team to show why they’re so un-B-lievably B-loved.That’s right, Bongo and Marsha, the super-spy Badgers, are on the case…and way over-budget. When S.U.I.T. realizes just how much money the Badgers waste with their gadgets and spy vehicles and custom plush toys, they’re sent to Bora Bora to investigate a case…the old-fashioned way. The bees—that’s “bee-ee-ee,” like the insect—that run the resort are hiding something under the tropical sands, and Marsha and Bongo are just the bumbling agents to crack this pineapple-flavored case wide open.

Pub Date 08 Nov 2022


A short story collection from the master storytellers behind The Promised Neverland!

From the creators of The Promised Neverland comes a collection of their best short stories, including a special one-shot with the key elements that would later go into their biggest hit and an epilogue that shows what the main characters are up to after the end of the manga series.

Pub Date 07 Mar 2023

A debut YA graphic memoir about a Korean-American girl's coming-of-age story—and a coming home story—set between a New Jersey suburb and Seoul, South Korea.

Ever since Deborah (Jung-Jin) Lee emigrated from South Korea to the United States, she's felt her otherness.

For a while, her English wasn’t perfect. Her teachers can’t pronounce her Korean name. Her face and her eyes—especially her eyes—feel wrong.

In high school, everything gets harder. Friendships change and end, she falls behind in classes, and fights with her mom escalate. Caught in limbo, with nowhere safe to go, Deb finds her mental health plummeting, resulting in a suicide attempt.

But Deb is resilient and slowly heals with the help of art and self-care, guiding her to a deeper understanding of her heritage and herself.

This stunning debut graphic memoir features page after page of gorgeous, evocative art, perfect for Tillie Walden fans. It's a cross section of the Korean-American diaspora and mental health, a moving and powerful read in the vein of Hey, Kiddo and The Best We Could Do.

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