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Cover Reveal

My dream trilogy. Cover revealed this week. Here it is.

The paperback will have doodles in EVERY PAGE. That's 525 including full pages.

I'm now working on those.

The Silver Stone Festival is the most important celebration of the Eskar Kingdoms. Spectators arrive in Ivoer from every capital to watch the Knights of the Order and cadets of their Academies face the trials and witness the Silver Stone.

Sixteen-year-old Eilenar lives alone with his mother on the outskirts of Ivoer. Kept away from the festival and the Order of Eskar Academy since he was born, this year he learns his name is on the lists.

If his team wins, Ivoer gets to keep the Silver Stone in the city for another year... And the victor of the final challenge gets to ask for a wish from the powerful artifact.

But the Silver's light attacks stranger visitors that only Eilenar seems to see. Can he help his team and keep his secret?

The rules have changed... and not all who seek the stone will play by them.

Let me know your thoughts. Join my newsletter for the chapter samples.

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