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Collectors Edition

👉Collectors Edition Illustrated with lots of Extras.

So amazing. Thank you @andrewsmcmeel for this amazing copy.

Find it here on the Publisher's website.

From the publisher:

A poetic portrait of the Roaring Twenties in New York City brought to dazzling life in this stunning collectors edition of a classic in American literature.

Set in the unique atmosphere of the 1920s Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby explores the lure of decadence, superficiality, and the ever-elusive American Dream through the eyes of narrator Nick Carraway and the longings and obsessions of mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby.

Watch the classic come to life in a whole new way with this beautiful Art Deco-style designed edition, complete with true-to-style and -time illustrations, maps, and fold-out pages elaborately designed by artist Robert Nippoldt.

🎨A stunning Art Deco-style collectors edition of an American classic with illustrations, supplements, and gold-foil details!

Artist Robert Nippoldt captures the decadence of the Jazz Age in all the gorgeous drawings throughout this edition.

Along with F. Scott Fitzgerald's original text and beautifully illustrated pages, this edition contains supplemental ephemera for further immersion into the Roaring Twenties setting. Some of the items include:

🗺️ A map of New York City

🍸Cocktail recipes for aGin Rickey, French 75, and Manhattan

🗞️ Newspaper Article

❓what book do have a wonderful edition or would like to?


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