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Two for Tuesday

Pub Date 21 May 2024

HarperCollins Children's Books, Quill Tree Books
Children's Fiction | LGBTQIAP+

My review

5 stars

This novel in verse is very emotional and complete. It explores so much:

Murray's passion for the ocean where she feels at home and more like herself. The hurricane will destroy her house forcing her to live far from the ocean and face so much change, but some changes are good. We can find new magic in another place.

Murray will spend less time under a strict, religious, intolerant mother who forces her daughter to act and dress like a lady. Murray stays with her uncle and aunt in a house where adults don't ban books and immediately feels more relaxed. In her temporarily new school she meets Dylan who, like the ocean, will help her understand who she is and with whom she can just be herself. There is also Patrick, her older brother whom she misses a lot. He argued with his parents and they didn't apologize but we hope they will change because this kept him away from Murray's life for a long time.

I relate a lot to her passion for the ocean, missing the ocean, and feeling the ocean as my home. The loss of the house, the changes, the confusion about identity, friendship, family, new friends, the relationship with the ocean, turning thirteen, liking girls, and standing up to the truth and what one is making this novel a wonderful read that can always be reread with the same intensity.

Communication is key among friends and family.

Thank you, publisher and net galley for this e-arc.

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My review

5 stars

Perfect for dog lovers but a great lesson in each story for those who don't have pets. Love is... each short story is filled with amazing emotion, acts of kindness, and valuable lessons that people should acknowledge, learn from, and mimic. I love the illustrations, they are filled with love, joy, and happiness, even the sad ones that are cozy and make us feel hugged or missed. If you have a dog you have experienced many of these moments expressed in the stories. I loved many. Now I open the book on a random page and reread the stories to help me smile on an overwhelming day.

Thank you so much publisher and Nergalley for this e-arc.

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From the publisher

Key Features:

  • Heartwarming Canine Parables: These tales beautifully capture the unique bond between humans and dogs, illuminating the profound lessons they impart.

  • Universal Appeal: Ideal for readers of all ages who cherish the unspoken connection with their furry friends or seek to understand the transformative power of canine love.

  • Emotional Resonance: Experience a rollercoaster of emotions as each tale unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on your heart and fostering a deeper appreciation for the love that dogs bring into our lives.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary love that dogs share with us – a love that is both a source of joy and a powerful testament to the beauty found in the simplicity of unconditional affection. This is the perfect read for anyone seeking to embrace the remarkable impact of dogs on the human heart.Get your copy today and let the pawprints guide you to a world of love, understanding, and the enduring bond.

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Experience the profound journey of companionship and selfless affection in "Tails of Love: Canine Parables for the Heart." This enchanting collection of stories invites readers to explore the many ways in which dogs, with their instinctive loyalty and unwavering dedication, teach us about the essence of love. Each narrative is a testament to the lessons learned from paws and tails – from the joyous leaps of a puppy to the comforting nuzzle of a seasoned companion. These tales capture the enduring bonds that form between humans and their canine friends, reminding us that the most profound truths of love and kindness are often found in the simplest of actions. Perfect for dog lovers of all ages, "Tails of Love" is more than just a book; it's a celebration of the silent, yet powerful language of love spoken in the language of barks, wags, and gentle, trusting gazes. Join us on a heartfelt journey that promises to tug at the heartstrings and offer a new perspective on the pets that walk alongside us. Embrace the paw-printed path to understanding life's greatest gift: love, unconditional and ever-present."

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