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BookMail with AndrewsMcMeel

📚📮 #bookmail with #andrewsmcmeel

Wonderful graphic novels and illustrated books can't wait to read them.

🎃 Unfamiliar - Based on the wildly popular webcomic from Tapas, Unfamiliar is an endearing and whimsical story full of magical mayhem, offbeat outsiders, and the power of friendships and found family.

🔸️Book 2 will be out October 17th.

👻 Haunted Road Atlas - Pack up your Ouija board, wine bra, and squirt guns full of holy water ... we’re going on a road trip! From the hit podcast And That’s Why We Drink, this is your interactive travel guide to the hosts’ favorite spooky and sinister sights. The world is a scary place ... and that’s why we drink!

🦇 Fangs - ages 14 + A New York Times bestselling love story between a vampire and a werewolf by Sarah Andersen, the creator of the enormously popular Sarah's Scribbles comics.

🟩 Creepy Cafetorium - Ages 8. From Epic Originals comes a collection of illustrated stories serving up spooky thrills and plenty of laughs. When the lunch bell rings at Newville Elementary, you can bet that things are about to get WEIRD!

Spooky short stories

(book 2 is out)

And don't miss Sorceline - gorgeous art, mystery and supernatural academy

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