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Book Review - The Wordsmith


Coming soon.

Author: David Malone

🆒The Wordsmith is a great homage to classics and language collecting the best of our favorites when it comes to children with caricatured horrible parents or mysteriously missing ones going on a journey to save the Wordsmith, meeting many challenges and new characters on their way.

👦👧It's up to Myles and Evie to accept this challenge and journey of growing up.

✒️The narrator is a peculiar character who speaks directly to the reader, this breach of the fourth wall adds a lot of humor, delays information for suspense, and adds all extra funny information from local to real scientific facts, and thoughts as footnotes that I advise not to skip. Some are hilarious.

🧭A lot is happening in this adventure, some events are silly, and some characters who the children encounter are even sillier, but it's so well written that all will stay in our minds for a while.

☺️The type of book we keep quoting among friends making private jokes.

📝The author is quite creative and there are a lot of invented but fun words added to the glossary at the end with the ones that are meant to improve our vocabulary. Throughout the novel, these words are formatted in bold to stand out.

🐉Fun, adventurous, educational, a fun mix of Terry Pratchett's humor and world-building, Lemony Snicket's adventure with a good pinch of Lewis Carroll for magic.

💕Thank you @orangehatpublishing for this ARC.

❓What is your favorite word to say?

Me: Aurora


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