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Book Mail + Independent Bookstore Day

📚📮 Which one would you read 1rst?☝️☝️☝️ With @harperkids @theshelfstuff 🩷💛

Graphic novels, fantasy books, and a wonderful full of history.

Check out the books above and tell me which one you'll read first or has the best cover ?

Graphic novels : Unhappy camper, officer clawsome

Fantasy: Godkiller, Fireborn,

History: Made in Asian America

Unhappy Camper Review:

Graphic Novel: Unhappy Camper Review

Release day: April 23rd

🧡My review:


Loved it. So relatable. A tale of two sisters. When they join kindergarten for the first time, they have different reactions to prejudice and racism. One denies her culture and tries to fit in following the other children and trying to please them. The other embraces her culture and aims to make real friends. The first has a harder time because she is always stressed, not wanting to make a mistake and be an outcast, but soon, she will learn the meaning of true friends and family. She joins summer camp with her sister, and although she resists it all for a while, she finally understands what it feels like to feel at peace and embrace her culture. She even makes an effort to mend things with her sister.

Very sweet story. It's very hard not to fall into that trap of denying our origins to avoid criticism. Even adults struggle with that. The best feeling is when you let go of that fear and embrace who you are, and if you have siblings who experience the same, then hold on to them with all your might. Family is stronger than bullies.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this ARC.

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