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Book Mail!

Book Mail from Tor books:

Wolfsong (The first out of 4 books) is by TJ Klune, the same author of The House in the Cerulean Sea and my favorite: Under the Whispering Door. I hope to read the In the Lives of Puppets soon.

Foul Days (book 1) The Witcher meets Naomi Novik in this fast-paced fantasy rooted in Slavic folklore, from an assured new voice in the genre.

Service Model - awesome robot main character! I'm loving it.

Murderbot meets Redshirts in a delightfully humorous tale of robotic murder from the Hugo-nominated author of Elder Race and Children of Time.

To fix the world they must first break it, further.

Book Mail with Harper Collins.

No More School, April Fools is part of a series celebrating 100 chapter books, 20 years, one board game, and graphic novels. It's hilarious and amazing.

Harriet Tells the Truth - (3/3 books) For young readers, mystery and sleuthing good fun.

Medusa - Adventurous, Academy of heirs of powers, gods, villains, and minor gods. Retelling.

You Are Here - And Anthology by the greatest middle-grade authors of kids that I kept in customs during an incident in the Chicago Airport.

The Princess Protection Program - funny but with an amazing message: be yourself not others want you to become. May include scenes with delicious pizza.

Book review

Pages: 240Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

May include scenes with delicious pizza.

5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a bit short but has a great pace and each chapter has valuable info not delaying the plot and advancing with action. I can't resist an Academy.I love the concept that the princesses can escape their stories and go to this Academy where they learn about our world. We don't get much detail about the Academy grounds yet or more about the teachers and other students, but there is a reason for that and this volume seems like a good introduction. It focuses on the growth as a character of Princess Rosamund who just arrived at the Academy.

It has really clever references for the most attentive bookworms and all the characters are fun to read. Standing up for oneself, finding your voice, and friendship, standing up for your friends and the right thing, and learning how to lead and take hold of your story and destiny. It's inspiring and uplifting.I loved the villain as well and the funny twists at the end.

Like the blurb says The Princess Protection Program is for fans of the Never Afters and the Descendants series, The School for Good and Evil, and the Fairly True Tales series. Can be read as a standalone but I truly hope it becomes a series as well.Love the cover artwork!!

Thank you, netgalley and Publisher for this eARc and @theshelfsuff and @harperkids and @epicreads for the free book. #mglit #middlegradereads #middlegrade #fanyasymiddlegrade #middlegradebooks #bookstagram

Find the book here.

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