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Birding/ Nature / Middle Grade

Pub Date 09 Apr 2024 | Archive Date 09 Apr 2024

Random House Children's, Delacorte Press
From the award-winning author of Song for a Whale comes a poignant and heartwarming tale about a girl who discovers a pair of endangered birds about to lay eggs in the marshes of her summer camp...and the secret plan she hatches to help them.

My Review:

5 plus

A beautiful cover that goes perfectly with a beautiful novel.

Nina always feels like she is forgotten (sometimes literary) or ignored in her big family. The parents are busy juggling the younger twins, an older daughter who is getting ready to go to college soon and has an interest in boys, and a son who sounds like a fun troublemaker. Still, her mom is a helicopter mom.

In this family, Nina is very muted and barely dares to talk about her passion for birds with others. She is attracted to nature and birds and finds them easier to relate to and understand than people. It's a realistic story, she just has a large empathy with birds.

She takes the opportunity to help Aunt Audrey in her camp welcoming campers during the summer. This will bring a lot of growth to Nina as a person but also give her confidence.

Nina discovered birds that haven't been seen in a while around that area and she wants to help protect them and keep their nest safe. She doesn't do this alone, first, she finds new friends who are as odd as her (in their opinion). Nina understands that to make friendships is not just the others who are mistakes towards us and is willing to improve herself as well.

They laugh together, they positively challenge each other, and are brave. Nina is loyal to them and nature. They reach out to a proper service that will include them in protecting the birds, and their circle extends to other new friends. A community connected to the love of birding and protecting nature.

It's very educational when it comes to birds, birds facts, terms such as Zugunruhe and its meaning, and journaling versus using an app for classifying in location. But the author also shows the relevance of technology that can be useful in keeping track of the birds for the birds' safety and collecting data.

We learn about Florence Merriam who wrote the first birding guide.

I recommend this book to all educators and librarians. A great book to have around.

Thank you, publisher and Netgalley for the e-arc.

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