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Author Update: New Books

Update on Graphic Novel Not From Brazil Proverbs:

1- Above is the cover and one page for the new NotfromBrazil book. I'm still working on the Proverbs and Idioms book showing the difference between English and Portuguese when they mean the same.

I have about 65 done so far but wanted to reach the usual 100 pages.

This one required more time to research in both languages.

The content of these graphic novels is children appropriate, all ages can enjoy it.

2- The edits for Whisperers and Keepers Book II are done. I will be announcing the release day for both of these books soon.

Quest into Darkness has darker themes such as miscarriage and violence. It is about 532 pages.

Volume three is being edited and will be released in 2024.

Excited about these? I hope so : D

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