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Audio Adventures

My review

5 stars

It's a great, adventurous retelling of one of my favorite classics (Treasure Island with a hint of Jules Verne). I love the characters. The audiobook gives them a fun extra spark. I love hearing Bhili's dialogue parts. Dystopian into the future where Las Vegas is underwater, and they can't see the sun unless they cross the clouds (which is just for the wealthy people). It's modern and fun. Love the narrator of the audiobook.

Although it's future, it's also relatable with Jin's doubts when it comes to love or protecting her sister, or even dealing with the trauma of losing their father to diving. I love the two sisters' relationship and the choices of the older one to protect the young sacrificing her desires. But now Jin is faced with a new challenge. She must accept to go in this new dangerous job with her ex. 

She's not happy about it. 

Fun read. It's always fun to hear Portuguese not just Spanish in adventure books. 

If it's Treasure Island-inspired, I'm always in. 

Love this cover. 

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