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Attached at the Hip Review

Release Day May 21st

5stars +

I was drawn to this book because of the TV show theme (Survivor). Surviving on a desert island is one of my top favorite tropes. Do I read romcoms? Not often. Did I love this one? Yes. 5 plus. Here is why:

The author writes characters well and exciting stories. Even when it's predictable. She sets the premise quickly: a young woman who is accepted to participate in a new spin-off of the TV show Survivor. Then the author introduces the character to us, showing Ori's interaction with her family. Ori is the last person we can imagine that should apply to this game, but she is a fan. She's sweet, the youngest sibling, she screams at the sight of a tiny spider, depends on everyone to do everything, and has only dated one guy since childhood (who she doesn't love).

She believes in love, and she wants a rom-com kind of story for herself. Now she finds herself attached to another person at the hip with a rope.

The book is hilarious and well-structured. I loved reading her thoughts. Made me laugh and parts of the end made me emotional. She is a disaster at first and makes a lot of embarrassing mistakes, but the author has simply set up a fantastic journey for Ori because she only has growth and improvement ahead.

This is the part that I love the most: she only grows positively with each interaction. How cool would it be to not fear people and think that great things can come from knowing another human being? She never takes a step back or lets others put her down. Each interaction with a different contestant makes her understand her strengths and weaknesses, improve them, and see the world through different eyes, and she always helps or improves the other person as well. She cares and likes people, thinks with her heart. She is selfless, cute, kind, and nerdy, and loves books and movies.

I love that the author makes a good criticism of social media and how media edits reality for drama's sake, distorting the truth.

A book on earning self-confidence and, personal growth. I also love that she realizes that some faults were never faults, that's just how some people perceived her (already with a negative connotation) to them it would never be a strength because they see it as a fault. 

The Survivor part is fun. I can visualize their difficulties well, and it's not always about flirting. Ori thinks with her heart and every chapter that includes a spider will remain in my mind forever as disgust but also as good out loud laughter. 

❓️What book would you take to a desert island?

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