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April is Poetry Month with...

✍️Happy Poetry Month with @andrewsmcmeel #amppoetry

Four Months Past Florence - YA novel in verse. Four Months Past Florence is the story of Millie Willard, a high school junior from a small, coastal town in South Carolina with dreams of becoming a hard-hitting journalist, despite feeling sidelined in her current position as the weatherwoman for her school’s newspaper. Then hurricane Florence comes.

Song of Freedom, Song of Dreams - YA novel in verse. Historical YA novel in verse that centers around a young pianist in East Germany trying to make sense of love, duty, and the pursuit of dreams during the unsettled months of protest that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s.

Before you Know it - release APRIL 2nd 2024

Sometimes, beneath the weight of the world, we find ourselves drowning. Let this collection of poetry breathe life back into your lungs and remind you of everything that you’ve already overcome.

What I should have texted - What I Should’ve Texted is a collection of words that have been buried. A spill of hidden thoughts that never made their way out.

❓️What is a novel in verse you also recommend?

I've been in love with Novels in Verse for a while now. Send me some recs.

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