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Ant Story - Educational Graphic Novel

Harper Collins

My Review

5 Stars

Epic. I've learned so much about ants and other insects in their microcosm. Rubi, a cartoon ant, helps us understand all there is to know about ants with her Once Upon a Time... stories filled with science facts and humor. Then another character (named Miranda) joins her to explore the world and uncover all the secrets. We learn about different types of ants, their colonies their purpose, and how their life cycle works (from birth to feeding and death).

This educational graphic novel is filled with humor and valuable information making learning pleasant.

Did you know about Assassin Bugs?

I hope there will be more books like this one.

Thank you Publisher and Netgalley for the digital copy.

Get it here (Publisher's Site with all links to stores)

From the Publisher

Insect-extraordinaire Jay Hosler is back, this time exploring how we seek to understand ourselves and the world around us through the eyes of one of our world’s tiniest creatures: the ant.

Meet Rubi, a tiny ant with a big personality and an even bigger love for stories. Who knew the small world of her colony could be full of unexpected friendships, epic adventures, and death-defying escapes?

Follow Rubi on the journey of a lifetime as she uncovers the mystery and wonder of one of the world’s tiniest, mightiest insects.

Like books with animal/insect characters?

Give mine a try.

More than 150 Illustrations

42 Chapters

Epic adventure

Themes: Friendship, good vs evil, chosen one, Lgtbqi, adoption, doing the right thing, community, freedom, humor.

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Or buy on Amazon.

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