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An amazing book... soon to be released

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

📮👉This book is simple but direct. A fantastic novelization of Susie King Taylor's story that also includes the book she wrote in 1902.

Release day: September 26th, 2023

Ages: 10 and up

Pages: about 288 (will be available in different formats)

Imprint: Aladdin @simonkids

My full review: (also in my blog and my usual platforms)


A well-written novelization in the first person Susie King Taylor's story highlights.

Her important part in the history of people and war (Civil War) and her relationships with a community. This is inspired by the book she wrote in 1902 also published in this volume.

I appreciate the note from the authors explaining the language and their need to tell this story through Susie's voice. Half of the book is the novelization the other half is the book Susie wrote in 1902 making both parts a whole and a valuable document for educational purposes and cultural enrichment.

I have received an advance uncorrected copy from the publisher so I must refrain from quoting from it but there are so many sentences worth quoting and remembering. At the age of 14, she was already one among others, the strongest and bravest women of her period. This is focused more on her experience of several situations related to education, learning and teaching others to read, being proud of honest work, being a nurse when needed, pointing out the behavior and injustices of some people, and fighting for equality.

Her most valuable lesson is that knowledge is the most powerful tool and richness one can possess.

❓Do you like reading biographical stories?

Me: yes, I too agree that knowledge is a powerful tool

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