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Alejibres by Donna Barba Higuera

What an amazing Upper Middle-Grade future dystopian.

Just released

5/5 Stars

When I noticed this book was by Donna Barba Higuera I couldn't resist it. The cover and the title are amazing and after her previous work, this author is an auto-buy. I even collect the Spanish version.

This one won't disappoint us again. The author's style is courageous and creative, she's a Frida Khalo of middle grades when it comes to combining symbolism, magic realism, modernism, and surrealism.

We're presented with a future Earth where children are far from being safe and protected in this upper middle-grade dystopian story. Without presenting many spoilers, we have a brother and a sister who want to escape the lies and laws of those ruling Pocatel who punish the citizens for lying, stealing and cheating, but it goes wrong. The book has a slower start, but when we reach chapter 10 about 30% it just picks up in a way that we can't put down because the siblings are facing ordeals that will keep you turning the pages.

All of it is infused with a lot of Latino culture and heritage, including the alebrijes, the dances, the cascabels and that is just the very first chapters. We're in for a physical and spiritual journey.

Explores themes like survival, migration, resources, justice, family, heritage, memory, and history.

Buy on Amazon or B&N.

This is not a paid post, I do not earn anything. I share for the pleasure of informing.

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