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Adieu January/ Hi February

I love this calendar, keeps me organized.

2024 Gooseberry Patch Wall Calendar (Gooseberry Patch Calendars) Calendar – Wall Calendar, May 22, 2023 by Gooseberry Patch (amazon link)

I don't have the courage to show you how the month of January turned out. I don't think there's any space left to write.

I've read 43 books (that's 43 reviews for authors out there) Not trying to brag. Reading this much will make me tired, but also I won't feel winter depression.

(sorry doesn't show very well)

For 2024 I decided to finish a trilogy or series per month that I haven't finished (from previous years)

👉January pick: The Drowning Empire Trilogy by Andrea Stewart (Orbit ) link here.

This series was all new to me, I got the first volume for my birthday in December and it was an amazing 5 stars, but volume two was unnecessary. Only the last five chapters are interesting. It took me a while to finish. Ended again as not my favorite volume, which is rare.

The author seems to subtract instead of adding, if a character achieved something cool and leveled up in book 1 then it will lose it all and become lame in book 2. Also, Female & Male characters that were awesome in book 1 when paired with a male in the next volumes lose all their charm and intelligence.

I don't regret reading it, but it gets really slow.

I still recommend Book 1 as a standalone.

Book 1 - 5 stars

Book 2 - 3 stars

Book 4 - 3.5 (4 stars)

👉I also made mini shelves, I used paper and cardboard, and the texture is sticker paper mimicking wood. I could not make my printer recognize the yellow cartridge so I couldn't make the tiny books look as I wanted.

Disclaimer: These are my Kindle, Advance copy and Audiobook reads and covers. Some covers may change and I didn't have the spine or the back so I just copied the titles and glued on the spine. These are for my entertainment.

My physical book reads:

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