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A healing Journey for HIM

This year instead of a long list of resolutions I have only two personal and one bookish.

My personal is to be kinder to myself and say no more often, I don't want the constant Yesses to erase who I am and it's been too long of putting others first.

The bookish is to tackle that TRB of fantasy series and trilogies that I've been waiting for have more than 5 books out.

I was very invested in reading this book because I usually am drawn to books that are self-help but put me on the path to do more art or work more. But this one is for HIM. We can't address our self-care and not include our partner. Whether my husband needs this journey or will one day, I want to be ready to help and support him.

I remember when my father lost his heart and never found it back. Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad.

I appreciate that this book focuses on things we (fantasy nerds) know and that the author also comes from a tradition of having a nob that works with people, violence, and unfortunate situations. It's very relatable, but this is something you must decide (if it is helpful to you as well). I already underlined many phrases and will continue to keep this book closer to me. It's inspirational and very relatable but like any self-help book the one who needs help must want to read it with 100% of will and take from it only what inspires. We all have different lives.

It will be released on February 20th, 2024 and so far I am loving it and taking it all in.

Thank you to the publisher for the advance copy.

Pre-order on Amazon or B&N.

(these are not affiliated links, I don't win from these shops)

NOTE: I usually don't break this rule... (we shouldn't share Advance Copy quotes - the book is still in the hands of the editor to be changed and corrected, but I am breaking the rule today and I hope the publisher forgives me because this is from the intro and has already very important affirmations) Please disregard any corrections needed and embrace the message.

From the Publisher:

"A guidebook for those at midlife struggling to find themselves, applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to the modern reader’s quest for wholeness.

Those reaching midlife often discover that they have been bombarded with messages from society telling them who they should be and what their life should look like. While chasing the three-headed monster (achievement, perfection, and the approval of others), author Ben Katt realized that he had lost himself along the way. The Way Home is a book for those struggling to find their way back to themselves, especially at midlife.

Katt distills Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey into an accessible, ten-step program to help readers move beyond their limitations, find fulfillment, and make the greatest possible contribution to their community and world. Anyone – ordinary, extraordinary, or somewhere in between – can embark upon the Hero’s Journey, leaving the familiar, falling into the unknown, and ultimately rising to wholeness.

Bringing together personal experience, spiritual wisdom, and well-known mythologies, The Way Home serves as a practical guidebook to inspire and equip people in the second half of life, helping them move from isolation to belonging, from security to surrender, from conformity to wildness. Katt employs a number of tools and rituals to guide readers along the path back to themselves, including solitude, dreamwork, fasting, and meditation.

This book serves as a reminder to those at a transition point in their life that the most important task is to stay connected with their own heart."

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