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I appreciate this book greatly for being a Portuguese born (Bettencourt) and Açores is my grandfather's home. Thank you, author, for using the island as inspiration for this amazing story. Also, it took me back to my childhood and great moments of reading Heidi, catching oranges, and reading the Secret Garden. Awesome LGBTQ+ representation with both fathers and P.

P brings a lot of action and fun to the story. They are a great sidekick. Lora (the girl in the wheelchair) enters the plot close to the middle of the book when Henna joins the Academy. There is awareness of her need to be independent and the need for the world, spaces, and facilities to adapt to her need to move without depending on someone's help.

A school that is focused on plants and gardening but is in need of modernization when it comes to rules. Lora is also a fantastic addition to this trio of friends who join forces against time to help Henna find the seed nightwalker to save her father.

Cozy, but always moving forward and fast to complete the next step of the plan. Love for plants, gardening, honesty, family, friendship, and knowledge in this emotional, beautiful novel.I hope the author will publish another book soon.

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