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700 already

It's episode 700 of Notfrombrazil online.

It will be 10 years on July 2, 2022. Wow... I feel we should celebrate a little. What do you think? How should we celebrate the 10 years?

10 years drawing myself as a way to deal with my life and the world and people and art, and stress... you get the point.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Yup... this is what it looked like. This is proof that practice makes per... something good. It's never perfect for me. Nothing is.

If you just heard of my NOTFROMBRAZIL webcomic today:

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The webcomic is free. I pay the costs of the website with your donations (patreon $3 monthly or whatever you want to donate in kofi).


Give some ideas.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 01, 2022

A 10 year poster with a lot of funny details! :D

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