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5 Fantasy Series: Action/Adventure

Great for fans of characters that learn about their powers and Chose One trope.

Ongoing series.

From the Publisher:

"Lyra. Lucy. Percy. Once in a generation, a hero emerges whose story enthralls readers worldwide.

Ember is full of monsters. Twelve gave up her name and identity to train in the art of hunting them--so she says. The truth is much more deadly: she trains to take revenge on those who took her family from her. But when Twelve's new home is attacked, she'll find herself on an unexpected journey, where her hidden past is inescapably intertwined with her destiny--and the very fate of her world."

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Great for fans of epic and animal characters.

Trilogy completed.

From the publisher:

"A New York Times bestseller from the beloved author of the action-packed Animorphs series and the award-winning The One and Only Ivan. In this first book of an epic middle grade series, Katherine Applegate takes us on an unforgettable journey.

Byx is the youngest member of her dairne pack. Believed to possess remarkable abilities, her mythical doglike species has been hunted to near extinction in the war-torn kingdom of Nedarra.

After her pack is hunted down and killed, Byx fears she may be the last of her species. The Endling. So Byx sets out to find safe haven, and to see if the legends of other hidden dairnes are true.

Along the way, she meets new allies—both animals and humans alike—who each have their own motivations for joining her quest. And although they begin as strangers, they become their own kind of family—one that will ultimately uncover a secret that may threaten every creature in their world.

Building on the success of her critically acclaimed novels The One and Only Ivan, Crenshaw, and Wishtree, while also returning to her action-packed fantasy roots of Animorphs, the Endling series is Katherine Applegate at her finest. With its enthralling characters, unique setting, and gripping adventure, this series is the perfect next read for fans of Rick Riordan, Brian Jacques, and Tui T. Sutherland."

Start here from B&N (box available) or Amazon (box available).

Great for fans of Pokemon, magic and creatures.

Ongoing series, one per year.

From the publisher:

"The last thing Barclay Thorne ever wanted was an adventure.

Thankfully, as an apprentice to the town’s mushroom farmer, Barclay need only work hard and follow the rules to one day become the head mushroom farmer himself. No danger required. But then Barclay accidentally breaks his town’s most sacred rule: never ever EVER stray into the Woods, for within the Woods lurk vicious magical Beasts.

To Barclay’s horror, he faces a fate far worse than being eaten: he unwittingly bonds with a Beast and is run out of town by an angry mob. Determined to break this bond and return home, Barclay journeys to find the mysterious town of Lore Keepers, people who have also bonded with Beasts and share their powers.

But after making new friends, entering a dangerous apprenticeship exam, and even facing the legendary Beast of the Woods, Barclay must make a difficult choice: return to the home and rules he’s always known, or embrace the adventure awaiting him."

Start here from B&N (box available) or Amazon (box available).

Indie spotlight: The books can be read as standalones, they belong to the same world, but are different adventures.

Beyond the Cliff and Courage has more than 250 different large illustrations to celebrate my debut.

Humor and epic quests.

Aion just got his wings, but they’re not a reason to celebrate. Instead, he decides it's time to leave his home to find his place in the world.

Everything goes according to plan until the spiders arrive and kidnap his best friend, forcing him to cross the forbidden paths of the Wild Lands, on a daring adventure into the Lost Valley.

Aion will not journey alone. He will find loyal companions in Tulerul, the pigeon with a few secrets, Valia, a young spider who dreams of becoming a legendary beetle warrior, and many among the Lost Valley Tribes fighting the enslavement of the spiders and their great mysterious Monster. Join an epic journey of little bugs with mighty courage.

(Thank you for supporting my work)

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Erin Hunt has many books of amazing animal characters.

Series Available: Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, Bravelands, Bamboo Kingdom

From the publisher - Warriors: "For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths are more mysterious than others. In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty . . . who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all."

Start here for Warriors from B&N (box available) or Amazon (box available 1-6).

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