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4 Netgalleys from Quarto Books

4 #netgalley Picture Books by @quartobooksus

🩷I loved them all and they are all different:

🍁 #InTime: Fun energetic start, with a beautiful art style that invokes coziness and serenity even when depicting actions and busy/rushed cities.

There's so much that can be explored in the classroom or by parents with their children. Not only about time as a measure but about patience.

The perception of time changes with age, with our favorite moments or least favorite events. In this book, we explore how time can run fast or slow, bring change, and give many examples that we don't immediately think about at first, so it makes us slow down and wonder, appreciate, and understand its importance in our lives when the cycles continue.

Inspiring for all ages.

July 9th

🧙‍♀️#theNotsowickedwitch is a sweet and cute lesson on kindness, vanquishing mischief, promoting more friendship, helping others, less selfishness, less mean actions because kindness and friendship get the best rewards.

Awesome art, love the character design, and the design of the pages, someone makes me want to draw myself as a little witch and be their friend too.

August 6th

🏢 #Ourbuilding :This book is so magical. The colors are used so wisely that they quickly set the mood from sad to joy and from loneliness to community spirit. Illustrated with a hint of magic realism shows us a great and valuable lesson, we can make an effort to see things with other eyes, be kinder and willing to help others, communicate, and be part of the community, bringing life, joy, and sunshine to the building and each others lives. A creative way to approach how it can be to live in a big busy city, in an apartment. Very inclusive.

Beautiful art and design of the pages.

August 6th

🦎 #Creaturepedia is such a fun compendium of creatures organized by fun groups instead of just the normal labels.

For example, we have the Regals, or the Gladiators and the illustrations gather animals that are from different ecosystems but share the same traits or are close to being related to a theme such as the ones who are masters of camouflage.

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