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23 Releases today

23 books releasing March 5th (different genres)

I am glad to have reviewed these books on Netgalley, Amazon, Bookbub, Storygraph, Goodreads, B&N and my blog.

🐦 Country Bird - #guide

🪓 The Butcher of the Forest - #YAFantasy @torbooks

🐣 Lucky Duck - @harperkids #middlegrade

⏳️The First State of Being - #middlegradereads harpercollins

🈷️ Kindlings - #yafantasy @harpercollins

🥷Kitten Ninja - @andrewsmcmeelkids (released 27th feb)

👑 The Queen of Thieves - @amazonpublishing #mystery #mglit

🕯 The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry - @holidayhousebks #middlegrade #historicalfiction

🎲 Tables Titan Club - #graphicnovel #holidayhousebks

🇺🇸 One Big Open Sky - pioneers, #historicalnovel holidayhouse

🐞 The Secret Life of Bugs - #picturebook guide #educational @quartobooksus @quartokids

🌈 The Color of Sound - middlegrade #family #lernerbooks

🇮🇹 I am Rome - Julius Caesar @randomhouse

1️⃣ Army of One - #comics #yagraphicnovel @onipress

🐻 Everyone gets a turn - #childrensbooks picturebook @chroniclekidsbooks

🌸 Rumi poet of Joy and Love - picture book bio @northsouthbooks

🌳 The Witch in the Woods : #Grimmworld

🥑 Avocado Magic - #northsouthbooks

🐧 A penguin like me - northsouthbooks

🐗 Sona and The Golden Beast - @theshelfstuff

🏠 No Dragons in this Book - northsouthbooks

🧥 Big Sister. Long Coat - northsouthbooks

🍄 Mushroom Knight - @madcavestudios darkfantasy graphicnovel

❓️Which one of the above would you read?

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