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10...9...8... Dear Tor Books, Request sent, please say YES

#Netgalley Not (yet) Approved 10...9... 8... 7... Godbye 2023 and one book I am very excited about in 2024.

Ghost Station

Pub Date 09 Apr 2024 | @torbooks

Horror | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"A crew must try to survive on an ancient, abandoned planet in the latest space horror novel from S.A. Barnes, acclaimed author of Dead Silence."

🍓After a few months I still think about DEAD SILENCE and remember this book and I like it more, some of the visual descriptions and events are still fresh in my head. I want to read more from this author. Updating to one more star

DearTor Nighfire books, I would love to have this ARC : D physical copy

The clock strikes 12...

1. I wish you Health

2. I wish you Love

3. I wish you Happiness

4. I wish you Luck

5. I wish your Dreams come true

6. I wish you more books

7. I wish you Wealth

8. I wish you Joy

9. I wish you good Journeys

10. I wish you knowledge

11. I wish you Courage

12. I wish you ________( predictive text)

Me: I wish you all the best of luck with your friends and family and the other one of the main character 😅


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