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Heir of Scars and Whisperers and Keepers Artwork by Vanessa Bettencourt


Epic Fantasy Novels and Graphic Novels

Polly and the Black Ink Volume 1 by Vanessa Bettencourt.png
Beyond the Cliff & Courage Vanessa Bettencourt.png
Not From Brazil Graphic Novel Quarantine
The Silver Stone Challenge Cover Fantasy Novel Dark Fantasy volume 1
Heir of Scars Volume I by Jacob Falling.png

Beyond the Cliff & Courage
by Vanessa Bettencourt

Polly and the Black Ink - Volume I
by Vanessa Bettencourt

Not From Brazil Volume III
by Vanessa Bettencourt

Check out our books, they range from graphic novels to epic fantasy novels.

Meet the Authors

Husband and wife creating new worlds.

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