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Happy #worldbookday March 3rd

Welcome to my Discovery & Reviews of Books

by my pen name Therearenobadbooks

Around October last year, I started to take a photo of the book I finished and share it privately with friends and family, giving them my 2cents worth of opinion, but after a few months, they started to ask me for recommendations for gifts or what to read next.

Today is World Book Day and I'm giving in. They are right. I can do good by sharing outside my circle, for many may benefit from my support and discovery.

I love fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure books from picture books to middle grade/Ya and adult. You can find my reviews on different platforms (social, Goodreads, Amazon, Literal, Bookbub, and Netgalley).

My stars ranking:

The most important thing to me is to help. Maybe because as an indie author getting this kind of support is the hardest... I want to do it for as many authors out there as possible: I'll discover, support, read, review and spread the word.

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