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Week 9: 5 Apps for creating Mood boards

Like Mood boards?

Mood boards make us sigh... "ahhhh... the books I can read at the beach"... "ahh... the coffee or hot chocolate or tea I could have while reading that book..."

The larger and the messier the better. Here's a fun one. What kind of reader are you?

Title: All the Places and Books I Want to Read in this life and next being female, male, young, or experienced. (Too long for a title?)

Photos (from site Unsplash - credit to each artist)

Mood boards are hard for me to do because we must use photos from other artists and I never felt good about it ahah. I learned to draw so I wouldn't have to borrow. But it's quite trendy to create these from Pinterest so I wanted to give it a try. (till... added one of my illustrations of Jade from many years ago.)

Most of the photos I used were taken by me, my brother Andre Bettencourt.

Here is a simple one for my character Jade (on the right):

Jade is in fact the first character that I created for this world back in 1995. It started as a game between friends, then became someone I couldn't let go of.

Jade used to be a painter and a dreamer. Now she's something more but her heart was and still is full of hope. She evolved a lot as a character and she's still one of my favorites. Can't say much without revealing spoilers.

Weekly progress: Edited volume I (56 chapters out of 100)

Great apps to create mood boards:

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