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New Releases Today January 2nd- MG

🍓Here are some Releases for Today🥰

💚 Ghost Roast - Graphic Novel very cool, ghost hunters, mystery to solve with a hint of romance, amazing art

💙 Unbeatable Lily Hong - Energetic fun, saving business story, belonging.

💛 Light and Air - The most gorgeous yellow historical fiction cover I've seen. Theme: Family, tuberculosis

💜 The Curse of Eelgrass Bog - I did not expect that twist and resolution. Great story.

❤️ Kindness Booth - a picture book adults should read more

💜Gamer Girls - fun series, friendship, changes, moving

🖤 Misfits: fun energetic strange school that is something more, mystery-solving

💙 Impossible Five Tasks... - great fantasy/family trials mystery and solving.


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