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InkGirls - Graphic Novel

From the Publisher:

“In this vibrant story about the power of the printed word and the strength of found families, every page is bursting with life and detail.” —Ethan Aldridge, creator of the bestselling Estranged

“Fabulous!” —Dan Santat, award-winning author of A First Time for Everything

“Glorious! This empowering read is absolutely unforgettable.” —Ellen Oh, acclaimed author of Finding Junie Kim

Every secret is a story waiting to happen.

From New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp and illustrator Sylvia Bi, this debut middle grade graphic novel celebrates the power that everyone—even those often overlooked—has to create change. In a vibrant city, two girls from very different walks of life join forces to fight censorship and protect the people they love.

Eleven-year-old Cinzia is a printer’s apprentice. She adores Mestra Aronne for taking her in—most guilds don’t have room for apprentices with a crippled leg—and she loves life in the raggedy workshop that smells of paper and printing, where secrets and stories are always circulating. So when Mestra Aronne is imprisoned for publishing accusations against the ruling family, Cinzia will do anything to prove that Mestra Aronne only told the truth.

Elena is the exact same age as Cinzia, but she’s forced to keep to her rooms and garden. To protect her, according to her mother. To protect the city, according to her uncle. Because Elena is not the charming, powerful noble her family wants her to be. According to them, she doesn’t communicate well. She’s too gullible and literal and struggles to understand other people.

After unexpectedly meeting face-to-face, the girls follow a trail of clues through their golden city, drawing supporters and learning more about their home and each other than they ever could have imagined. If one person—no matter how young—can change the course of history, just imagine what a whole flock of them could do.

Bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp and debut illustrator Sylvia Bi have crafted an indelible, vibrant story about finding and using your voice, perfect for fans of Lightfall, Tidesong, and The Prince and the Dressmaker.

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My review:


Ink Girls is a fabulous graphic novel with amazing artwork. The details of the interior architecture are as stunning as the external like the city, the harbor, or the palace.

This is a story of truth and union. Telling the truth and revealing the truth keeps corruption in check and protects the city. But when fear rules, too many suffer.

It is up to three girls who come from different perspectives and backgrounds to unite against lies and corruption to save not only the life of the Printer Master but the future of the city. The printer's apprentice, the heir, and a pirate join forces to investigate and gather proof. There's plenty of intrigues, politics, a sense of justice, mystery, and investigation, and a runaway princess who learns more about her people.

The main theme is about union and the ability to hear others. Not being afraid to speak up.

The art style is inspiring and makes this project one to collect or fall in love with fantasy graphic novels. For some, it may be a bit too heavy on text (slows down the reading pace) but I don't mind There's a lot to this feminist story, and art and text complement each other well.

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