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Graphic Novel -The Many Lives of Charlie by Kid Toussaint & Aurélie Guarino

My Review

4 stars

A creative story with excellent art filled with movement, great character design, and rhythm. It's weird and eerie but soon we understand death is a business and the kid who wants to know where his mom's soul is puts Charlie on a path to uncover truths of reincarnation, understanding souls and how all is connected. He is not a stranger to this woman's story or the violence in her multiple destines... and death is not the end of someone's story.

The usage of line and color accents is very clever. Great work.

Europe Comics

From Amazon.

From the Publisher:

What happens to our loved ones when they die? No more funerals, because now we recycle! In an exuberant and swarming big city, Charlie, an employee at Eternal Recycle, is the best in his field: finding a use for your body after you die. But one day, a boy calls and asks him what has happened to his mother’s soul. Charlie is used to handling the bodies, but who takes care of the souls? To answer that question, he sets out on an investigation into the very heart of death and love...

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