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From the author of Secret Zoo...

4.5 Ok, This is a fun read indeed, I couldn't put it down.

And to read it with a buddy aloud makes it even better when the excitement comes through and we start reading faster and louder, already standing up because there's a lot of fun action.

The author creates a very fun dynamic with a father who is afraid of almost everything, his daughter who does not believe in magic (not for long) a dwarf, a mermaid a giant, and a unicorn. They all need the father and daughter's help to return to safety... I can almost see it in my head as a great animated movie.

The dialogue is fun, and the adventure is great. There are evil witches, fable creatures, wands, magic, faeries... and on a more serious note lessons to be learned on letting go, moving forward, and growing up.

Great new project from the author of the Secret Zoo series.

Buy from Amazon or B&N.

From the Publisher:

From the author of the bestselling Secret Zoo series, Wayfinders is a delightful tale of a father and daughter who set out on a quest to save a group of fairy tale creatures.

Between school and family drama, Chloe Summers has more than enough on her plate.

But when a giant literally crashes into her house—not to mention the mermaid in the bathtub and the unicorn in the barn—Chloe and her dad find themselves on a wild adventure to save a group of fairy tale creatures and help return them to their home.

To do so, they must find a way to reopen a secret portal to a magical world while preventing others from taking the magic for themselves. Chloe and her dad must be brave, work together, and face their biggest fears, or they risk losing their magical new friends forever.

Wayfinders introduces a brand-new world of enchantment and adventure, perfect for fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Crenshaw, and When You Trap a Tiger.

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