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Friendship/Queer Middle Grade

My review


LGBTQ+ representation. The character is struggling with identity. For fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, The Marvellers, and enamel pin collectors.

I will focus on the pop culture side of the story. I love that the author explains to us the difference between fantasy pins and official ones and the copyright issues of indie artists doing fan art for the love and support of their favorite game, character, or show. 

It's very cool to see a novel focused on things I love from an Artist Alley. I know the author is a Comicon Artist Alley participant as well and I miss my time attending these, collecting art, plushies, pins, and stickers before the pandemic.

I love magic girls and I love how the author incorporated this into this novel. 

It was a slow read for me I would have preferred to see this in another format, I think as a graphic novel it would be easier to read and to see what enamel pins or Ita Bags can be and showcase all the magic and cuteness of that world that brings us joy in an environment (comic conventions and gamers) that allows individual freedom without criticism. 

Find the book here.

👉Do you know what an Ita Bag is?

An ita-bag is a handbag, backpack, or other kind of bag covered in badges, buttons, figurines, and other merchandise pertaining to animation, characters, anime and manga fandom.

Here is an example. Thank you @runwalkdisney for letting me use your photo. Custom Ita bag from @homebrewstitchcraft

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