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Free Coloring Book Discovery & Review

Do you like coloring as an adult?

by my pen name Therearenobadbooks

5 Stars: This is the most giftable coloring book I've ever come across and with a lot of pages. It's available for Pre-Order (Release day is May 19th, 2022)

The amazing cozy feeling of each illustration fills the book with a wonderful collection of pages with delightful cottage elements, patterns, and nature. It just makes our day better with a celebration of whimsical and amazing cottage aesthetics.

Highlighted elements: mushrooms, keys, flowers, lanterns, full sceneries, wild animals and pets, fabric, jars and vials, houses, fruit and vegetables, clothes, food...Fantastic.

WIN A COPY Giveaway rules:

1- ONE WINNER: Open Internationally - I'll ship to you as long as Amazon/ Book Depository delivers.

2-Be sure you are a subscriber to my newsletter.


If you have a public Amazon wishlist add this book to it, so I can gift it directly from Amazon or Bookdepository wishlist to your house without accessing your information or address. Amazon will be the one with that info.

4- ENDS - 19th (will raffle on the day of the release and send to winner)

5- TO enter: COMMENT - Count me in

(This giveaway is not affiliated with any company, publisher, or author. I was allowed to read the advance copy so I'm paying forward by gifting one to my subscribers.)


ALSO don't forget, you can buy my SALE Polly and the Black Ink complete series (volume 1 is free and all others discounted) Signed

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 07, 2022

Count me in! Count me in! :D I hope someone will buy your Polly collector edition. It's a great series! (Still the 2 last ones to buy but I will)

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