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Cascade Failure - For Firefly fans

My review

5plus plus

I knew this book was going to be good but it was awesome. For fans of Firefly, Mass Effect, Murderbot snarkiness, Star Trek Found Family, Expanse, and space exploration but also fighting evil ideals.

Every time I think one character is my favorite I fall for the next. I love a book with a team/crew/ main characters and ordered the audiobook because it always makes the experience 10 out of 5. I can't wait for the second volume and the rest. This is auto-buy for me and I had to check twice that this was a debut because I didn't believe it.

Hits all my favorites, the emotion, the betrayals, the journey, the relationships, the humor, learning about their past, the new choices, fixing the present, the amazing AI captain, a nervous talk Anke (character), Saint's music. Top.

I bought the audiobook and was surprised with an arc by the publisher. Thank you so much.

Get the book here.

Audiobook here:

From the publisher

L. M. Sagas's debut, Cascade Failure, is a high-octane, sci-fi adventure blending J. S. Dewes's Divide series with Firefly. It features a fierce, messy, chaotic space family, vibrant worlds, and an exploration of the many ways to be—and not to be—human.

Most Anticipated Books of 2024—Goodreads, Polygon, The Nerd Daily

There are only three real powers in the Spiral: the corporate power of the Trust versus the Union's labor's leverage. Between them the Guild tries to keep everyone's hands above the table. It ain't easy.

Branded a Guild deserter, Jal "accidentally" lands a ride on a Guild ship. Helmed by an AI, with a ship's engineer/medic who doesn't see much of a difference between the two jobs, and a "don't make me shoot you" XO, the Guild crew of the Ambit is a little . . . different.

They're also in over their heads. Responding to a distress call from an abandoned planet, they find a mass grave, and a live programmer who knows how it happened. The Trust has plans. This isn't the first dead planet, and it's not going to be the last.

Unless the crew of the Ambit can stop it.

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