Vanessa Bettencourt

Vanessa Bettencourt is the author, illustrator and comic creator of the biographical webcomic series Notfrombrazil. She's also the author and illustrator of the following graphic and fantasy novels.

Graphic Novels:

Notfrombrazil (series)

Polly and the Black Ink Volume 1- 5 (completed)
Titans Island: Sally's Quests

Never Give Up! A Guide to Have Ideas & Finish Tasks 

Adventure & Action Fantasy Novel:

Beyond the Cliff & Courage

With a Masters of Arts and a Master of Science of Education Vanessa has dedicated her life to studying Portuguese and English Literature, writing and illustrating.
Official illustrator of Heir of Scars series by Jacob Falling.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Vanessa moved to the U.S in 2015 where she now lives in Chicago by the lake with her husband Jacob Falling and teaches drawing classes to children in her spare time.


Starting January 2022.

12 Envelopes. 12 months. 12 Characters to discover. The art will not be revealed online. 

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Jacob Falling

Jacob Falling is the author of the Heir of Scars series of fantasy novels, amateur game designer, and occasional composer.

Jacob lives in Chicago, USA with Vanessa Bettencourt - his wife, Heir of Scars artist, and fellow author.

"When I'm not writing the Heir of Scars series, I enjoy musical composition,

game design and roaming listlessly among the magma fields of our underground sanctuary."